Vegas Baby! Behind The Scenes Of Our Trip To Market

Vegas Baby! Behind The Scenes Of Our Trip To Market

Behind the scenes of our market trip!

Hi all, Jayde here!

As most of you probably know, Phoebe and I just got back from our market trip to Vegas! I thought I would share a little more behind the scenes of our trip, why we go, and what we look for! 

 I know it looks like fun, and don't get me wrong it is an absolute blast for those who love fashion like me ;) but it's also a huge expense and very stressful to spend almost a whole year's inventory budget in the span of two or 3 days! But to Phoebe and I, buying trips are the secret sauce that makes our boutique unique and allows us to stay on top of the latest trends and styles. 

When we go to market we get to see and buy things for our store that we might not get the chance to otherwise. For example, our new "Hot Shot Dress" from Z Supply is not available for us to purchase online from them and I can't find it at many other places online but because we saw it back in February at market we were able to get it for our store! ( If you haven't checked it out yet I would highly recommend it is AMAZING and one of my new personal favs ;) )   

hot shot dress

Getting the chance to handpick the items that come into our store and make sure they live up to our quality standards is something that I love doing and allows us to give you the best shopping experience possible! Having a curated collection of things to offer allows us to put a personal touch on our business that you just don't get at large retailers. 

One of the most complex parts of market is making sure we are making the correct decision on what pieces to invest in. We have to make sure that we are bringing pieces to the store at the right price point that our customers (you!) will find value in and will love adding to your closet! 

Next time you step into your favorite small business or boutique and find the perfect dress for that event you have coming up, your new favorite pair of shoes, or the softest sweatshirt that you have ever touched, remember that the item you are holding in your hands was a critical decision that someone made in hopes that it would make someone else feel fabulous.  :)

Thanks for reading our first blog post, and for shopping Blonde Sisters Boutique!

Remember Good shoes take you good places! 

xoxo Jayde

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